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Do you have any of these Common Air Conditioner Problems?  Some of the most common issues we see include...

A typical AC unit will work efficiently in your home for about 10 years. During this time, it's common to require small repairs and maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

Frozen evaporator coil: If the coil becomes dirty or contaminated, it can freeze and cause problems throughout the entire system.

Mechanical problems: Other problems involve mechanical issues with the wiring system, drainage issues, or a faulty control sensor.

Refrigerant leaks: If your AC is low on refrigerant, chances are there is a leak somewhere. Leaks are often caused by manufacturer's defects, accidents during other repairs, or if the system has been moved.

Professional Air Filter Replacement

Another common issue we see with air conditioners is the air filter. The filter works by keeping dust and debris out of the system and out of your home's indoor air supply. If the filter becomes dirty, it will cause the AC to strain to work harder and get fresh air to the components. This reduces efficiency and will eventually damage the unit, requiring extensive repairs. Avoid this issue by changing your air filter regularly. We recommend changing it at least twice per year, or more often if you have pets, allergies, or smokers in your home

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