The time to fix your roof is NOT when it's raining. Residential roofers get backed up for weeks. Meanwhile, your suffer water damage to your attic, walls, and ceiling. So, let's get things checked out NOW before it's too late:


As a homeowner, when you are exploring what type of roof you want to install on your home, there is a lot to consider. Some questions we get all the time include:

  • Should I get asphalt roof shingles?
  • What about slate roofs or concrete tiles? Slate tiles?
  • And how should the roof design look?

Whether you're mulling a roof for a new home, an existing roof repair or a complete roof replacement, determining the roofing tiles and design is your first step.

Working with professional contractors is the first step toward understanding your roofing options and finding the best fit. At Wildwood, we'll walk you through the roof styles that fit your home and design a roofing system that matches your vision.

Before that, it's a good idea to get familiar with some of the roofer vernacular you'll encounter.

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Types of Roofing

There are five common types of residential roofs that you should consider when mulling a new roof or retro-fit.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common residential roofing material used in the United States are asphalt shingles, and for a good reason. These shingles have been around since 1903 have stood the test of time as one of the most reliable types of roofing material.

Relatively inexpensive up-front cost and is relatively simple to install

Asphalt shingles usually last up to 20 years or more on an average home. They are particularly useful in an area like St. Louis, where weather isn't as radical as somewhere like Florida.